Morando Graziano

Our company is a family business and it has been known in the fruit and vegetable sector for 70 years.

Morando Graziano S.r.l. - Leader nella gestione dell'ortaggio

About us - History

We are a family-run business and have been in the fruit and vegetable sector for 70 years; Grandfather Malvino Morando founded the company by collecting typical local products from the Veneto countryside and the countryside near the Adige river and taking them to the city and the neighbouring regions to sell them; then Graziano Morando extended his father's work by specialising in the production and sale of Venetian radicchio, making it the core business of his company and creating a brand.

Since its foundation, the Morando brand has been synonymous with quality and freshness. The company has been able to enhance this all-Italian product by exporting its flavour all over the world, starting from Veneto, then in Italy, Europe, America and Japan, and has managed to establish a brand on national markets, in Italian and foreign large-scale and medium-scale retailers, offering the product with continuity and consistency for all 12 months of the year.


Today, in addition to the 7 varieties of radicchio that we produce and package, we have selected other “made in ITALY” products that are excellent for the Italian and foreign markets. We value the production of each season by choosing some products for sale to large-scale retailers and the foreign market. Our loyal producers collaborate with us in the sale of citrus fruits, pears, apples, strawberries, melons and watermelons in terms of fruit, and cabbages, fennel, courgettes and tomatoe in terms of vegetables.

With a view to carefully selecting top quality products and meeting the demands of our foreign customers, we can provide them with a service by grouping platforms with multiple products.